Vegan Strawberry Cake

During Midsummer we usually eat strawberry cake and this year was no exception. This time though, we made it a vegan one. It turned out so good my boyfriend wanted to do another one to bring to work. Here’s the result from that one, decorated by the man himself.


Instead of a traditional whipped cream I used Alpros version which is great! And contrary to dairy cream you won’t feel so stuffed from it, which is a perk.


Here’s how you make a vegan sponge cake;

Mix all dry ingredients
4.5 dl flour
3 dl sugar
3½ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp vanilla sugar

Add to dry ingredients;
50g melted nondairy butter
3 dl nondairy milk. (Any will work but rice milk, it’s too thin. I usually use almond with a little hazelnut. Hazelnut is sweeter but tends to take over in flavour if you were to use it alone.)

Bake for about 45 min on 200C in a round tin, or for about 15 min in a pan.

For filling I do a mix of strawberries, some whipped cream and custard.




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