Thought of the day

I’ve started reading a lot about animal consumption, how it affects us, how animals are treated etc. and the most interesting is when I come across texts that goes something like this: ”The animals give their meat in exchange to living in an humane environment…” or ”Cows’ give their milk…”

Now where did it go wrong that we think animals give themselves to us? They don’t GIVE us anything, they don’t volunteeringly walk into the slaughterhouse and go ”Hey, I got some more meat for ya!”. They don’t give it to us, we TAKE it, we take it because we can. There’s a huge difference. And it’s not because we HAVE to, it’s because we can – We take their lives and secretions for our own pleasure. (Pleasure for our palates that is)

Our mentality is so strong in thinking that we own the animals (some or most) who walk this planet, they are ours to own, enslave, kill and do what we want with. Why? Because we can? Because we have tools to capture them and keep them captivated? Methods to bring more into a world of captivity?

Animals don’t freely give away their meat and milk, we take it.
We take it because somehow we think we have the right to take it. But really, what gives us the right to do so? What gives us the right to control the lives of billions of animals? What gives us the right to act as we are superior to them?

Somehow, we seem to have forgotten, that animals, just as us, are individuals with their own souls and personalities – just as us. We are not their superiors. And there’s no difference between a beloved family pet and the captivated cow, chicken, pig etc. They all feel and think. So why can we treat one of them with so much love and yet treat the other ones with such disrespect?


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