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I’ve been away

I haven’t posted here in a long time and that’s because I started a new job in the beginning of November which haven’t really … See more


Lemon Cake

Here comes a fresh lemon cake for you. I served it to my co-workers who all enjoyed it!… See more


Stuffed mushrooms

I do like me some mushrooms and what I like about portobello is that they don’t shrink as much as a lot of the other kinds do. … See more


Vegan parmesan

Is there life without cheese? Yes most definitely there is and a healthier one too. However, sometimes you want that speciel flavour and texture, and sure there are animal free cheesy options out there, but they are … See more


Pizza Party!

It’s Saturday, so why not have a little pizza party? Vegan pizzas though? Really? Yes of course vegan pizzas! There really is no need for all that filling cheese (I would argue that you actually feel a lot better and lighter afterwards than you do with a ”regular” pizza.) Here are some of my… See more


Food weeks are coming.

Well, I haven’t updated here in a while for different reasons and what happens then? The folder with all your ”to be edit” photos becomes massive! So, I started editing which means you can expect to see … See more