Something awesome happened…

 I’m engaged!

My man popped the question in the gardens of Versailles and heck yeah I said yes!
Ok, it wasn’t TOTALLY unexpected since we’ve been talking about getting married for a long time and I already had the ring haha, but even so, he took me by surprise when he did it and I aaaaalmost cried a bit. (Pinterest here I come! It’s time to start planning :D )

And to make it more perfect we were spending the week in Paris which is my favourite town in the world. Can I live there? Now please?

I’ll shut up and show you some photos of our time there.


When in Paris…  IMG_1934


So many locks… crazy! IMG_1955 IMG_1969


Being silly in front of that little thingy IMG_2005


Seriously though, best view in the world! I’m pretty happy with this photo as well! IMG_2074


I bet you SATC-fans know about this place! ;) IMG_2156

Yeah, channeling my inner parisian with a baguette, stripes and red trousers hehe



Yay!, Vegan cake for my b-day. The waiter even put candles on it and sang for me! :D cake


My man <3 möysch

And here’s the ring. My perfect art deco ring that I adore so much.



Petit Trianon at Versailles IMG_2253


Versailles IMG_2275 IMG_2246


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