Renovation – Part 2

I can finally show you how our bathroom turned out! It’s safe to say that I truly feel like I’ve stepped into a real fancy hotel bathroom whenever I enter, so I’m very happy with the result and also that the vision I had turned out to be just as good in real life as on paper.

First, a couple before and after pictures, can you see any difference ;)

badrum2 badrum3

The new cabinet holds A LOT more stuff than the old one. What’s really the point of installing a small one when you can fill the whole wall? Storing is key in a small space.



The guy who put in the tiles were a little unsure when he saw my drawing of all the different patterns he told me, but it turned out really good he said once in place.
And I couldn’t agree more, I love the spot where all patterns meet.
All tiles are matte except the black ones on the wall that are glossy which creates a nice effect.


I really love the new shower, you can either choose a hand shower or this waterfall, something we use when we’re both in there. Changing from a bath to a shower has really opened up the space and created a bigger shower space.

Even found myself a matching soap dispenser!


Another waterfall…


Mood lightning


The Bearbrick we found on Ebay fits perfectly in our bathroom. We call him George haha.




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