Photo shoot

About a month ago my boyfriend and I had our pictures taken by a professional photographer. It’s really something I can recommend. It doesn’t need to be very expensive and you will treasure the photos forever. There really is a big difference letting a pro take them!
Or for you out there who are engaged; it’s great getting some photos of you before the big day, look at it as a training session before the big W-day photos.

Here are some of our photos, we chose both casual and classic clothes to wear to mix it up. My man insisted on wearing a pink bowtie! We were really lucky with the weather, hot sun shining on us all day long. We hung out by some old locks and an old train bridge that worked well with our style. Where would YOU like to have your pictures taken?

(Find the photographer here)


IMG_3132 IMG_3146

IMG_3197 IMG_3234 IMG_3308

IMG_3375_2 IMG_3398


IMG_3414 IMG_3521_2 IMG_3569_2


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