Netrobe – A way to find your outfit.

So for a long time now I’ve been wanting to organize my closet and I go the idea to take pictures of everything in my closet so I could get a good overview of the things I own.
Actually, I had done this before with my shoes, which has saved time! Instead of going through every single shoe box to find the right pair to wear, I just scroll through my photos.

Anyway, I thought, surely there must be an app for this becuase I can’t be the only one wanting to see what’s in my closet even when I’m not in the closet.

And of course there is! Netrobe is a great and easy app that will let you store all your clothes in different categories and even lets you assemble your outfit of the day and save it in your private, or public, lookbook.

You can find out more at!

Granted, it will take some time to take a picture of every single item you own, but I think it’s worth it. On the plus size, it will be easier with every new piece you buy because they can often be found on the store’s website, so just download and save the images of future clothes from the web.




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