Hallway makeover – part 1

Ever since removing the cow rug in our hallway the interior has really gone back and forth and I thought I would never get it finished. But finally it is!

It started out with me designing my own rug, but the colours, sadly, turned out horrible. So plan B, get a new carpet, a cheaper one from IKEA. Oh let me tell you something, it ain’t easy finding a rug that isn’t made from woll!

Then I made the painting myself to fit the orange details in the room. Details I found around the apartment and assembled in a new way. In the glass cube is one of my boyfriend’s favourite stones since he was a kid. Yes I know, a stone. I wasn’t too thrilled when he randomly placed it in the apartment, but displaying it like this instead, I think it looks rather cool.

With the painting, the globe, elephant and twigs this set-up makes me think of the African dessert and I like that. There’s more colour in the room than before which is nice.


Hall2 Hall3 hall1

Another of my boyfriend’s memorabilia.



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