Dog Party!

WOOF! Here’s a dog party that I styled for a 7 year old boy who is CRAZY about dogs, so the theme was pretty easy to come up with.
It was also featured on the Amy Atlas blog, right here

The dessert table includes a raspberry cake, chocolate covered oreos, pannacotta, chocolate milk, cake pops, paw cookies, rice crispy treats among other things.

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I also made all the paper design to the party, including custom place mats, chocolate bar wraps etc

734590_478202808903377_1015514464_n 540672_478202565570068_160424123_n 419772_478202798903378_1351159997_n

Of course, they got to dine from dogs’ water bowls ;)


Guests went home with a little dog bone as a guest favor.

479789_478202612236730_1370528184_n 75076_478202682236723_433000335_n

The birthday boy helped with the decoration by putting all of his stuffed dogs (A LOT of them) in baskets.



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