Hi guys, I had a really good weekend, Saturday we finally got around to throwing a lot of trash out. It feels so good, doesn’t it!? Went shopping for some stuff that’s been on the to do list for a long time. I also had time for a good jog in the morning. And Sunday, me and the man went on a hike, reaching a great viewing point over lake Vänern (biggest lake in Sweden, nr 26 in the world!)

And I also had time making these little gems:

IMG_4975 IMG_4965 IMG_4971


Recipe from Vego magazine;

2 dl dates
1 dl coconut cream (the creamy stuff from a tin of coconut milk)
200 g shredded coconut
½ tsp vanilla powder
½ tsp cinnamon

Mix it all together till you have a nice smooth dough.
Flatten it out on a parchment paper. Let it cool in the fridge for about an hour.
Cut it to finger size bars.

Dip in melted chocolate (you’ll need about 200g) and let them cool again.

Now; enjoy!


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